August 10, 2023
Embracing the Remote Life:
A Journey of Perks and Hilarious Mishaps

Embracing the #remotelife has become a way of redefining work-life balance, providing employees with newfound flexibility, and sparing them from the everyday commuting woes. We prepared three crazy commute stories from Coeli, Managing Director, Anna, Product Marketing Manager, and Liz, Marketing Manager, about their journey to work.

Coeli — Under the River in Pittsburgh:

When I worked in Pittsburgh, I would take the train under the “Mon” to downtown. A 10 min commute turned into 2 hours when the train broke down under the river. Let's just say...I discovered my claustrophobia that day and decided to walk across the gold bridges instead for a long, LONG while after that.
Anna's Hilarious Laptop Saga:

One morning, I arrived at work only to realize that I had forgotten my laptop at home - a nightmare scenario for anyone with an important meeting on the schedule. Fortunately, my colleague helped me with additional laptop so I could get through my meeting. Even better? After the meeting I ended up having time to run home and grab mine to keep the day going without further incident.
Liz's Friday Morning Fiasco:

One Friday morning during my commute on the train I noticed I had an unread email from the night before telling us we can work from home. Of course, I was already on my way so I figured “oh well I’ll just go up and work alone in the office.” I got to the lobby of our office building and realized I didn’t have my building pass –so I couldn’t even get into our office if I wanted! So, I turned around and had to get on the next train so I could work. If only I saw that email the night before.

We’ve all been there…but I think we can agree that #remotelife has a major perk in being commute-less. Today we’re remembering to embrace the quirks and perks of the #remotelife.

Share your own remote work adventures, hilarious mishaps, and valuable insights with us in the comments below.