Apr. 26, 2023
Hardest financial habit from those who work in fintech
In today's world, financial literacy has become more important than ever. However, developing good financial habits is not always an easy task. In this post, we explore the topic of the hardest financial habit. We asked our team about their experiences and found that the answers were both diverse and insightful. Join us as we delve into the world of personal finance to discover the hardest financial habits that people face and how to overcome them.
Coeli, our managing director, says that consistently sitting down with your day-to-day finances is the hardest habit to maintain. It's easy to let expense categories slip and spend more when you aren't regularly monitoring your accounts. To stay on top of her financial picture, Coeli sets 'money dates' twice a month in the evenings. Although it requires effort, this habit has made a big difference in just a couple of months.

For Gabriel, our project manager, the hardest financial habit is saving the same amount every month, no matter what. His tip for saving money is to avoid withdrawing any funds until reaching the savings goal, whether it's for a wedding, college, house purchase, retirement plan, or any other significant expense.

Jenny, our community manager, struggles with spending less money on food delivery. She sometimes thinks that every delivery person knows her by name.
Finally, Mike, our web developer, shares his habit of not spending all his money on upgrading cars and gadgets, and only considering upgrades when necessary.