Apr. 12, 2023
Internship experience: Adriel Lee, Product Management Intern
We are pleased to introduce Adriel Lee, who is completing his internship at Limex. During his time here, Adriel was involved in various projects related to product management, where he developed and improved several skills. Adriel's primary focus was on Try2BFunded, our online proprietary trading platform.
Interviewer: Hi Adriel! What skills did you develop or improve during your internship?

Adriel: During my internship at Limex, I learned and developed many skills related to product management. Since I was a part of the whole product development/lifecycle process, from ideation to post-implementation, I learned how to define our users’ personas and how we can create features that are best tailored for them. I honed my ability to do so through constant research on competing products and audience insights. Another important skill I learned in product management was working cross functionally with different stakeholders (i.e. developers, designers, etc.) and ensuring that our efforts are all aligned.

Interviewer: Can you tell us details about any specific projects from your internship?

Adriel: Through most of my internship, I worked with Try2BFunded, our online proprietary trading platform. On this project, I assisted in marketing efforts in regards to branding and website optimization. Moreover, I helped ideate, design, and implement new features on the platform that would improve user acquisition and reduce friction in customer pain points. Some of the specific features I helped launch were Scaled Funding, the Try2BFunded community, and Trading Plans.

Interviewer: Did you have any mentors or supervisors who helped guide you during your internship? What was their impact on your experience?

Adriel: Daria and Coeli have been a huge help during my internship. They’ve guided me through projects with resources and instructions on what Limex needs while also giving me the freedom to be experimental. They are always encouraging and are always willing to consider my ideas despite how ridiculous they might be, all while being constructive to aid my thinking. My internship experience would not have been formative without their guidance.

Interviewer: Thank you, Adriel