Apr. 5, 2023
Meet the Team: Michael Earlywine, Head of Retail Strategy
Introducing our interview with one of our very own fintech experts! Learn what inspired Michael Earlywine to join the industry, his favorite things about working in fintech, and why fintech is increasingly necessary in today's rapidly advancing technological age.
Interviewer: Hi Michael, thank you for your time. So, can you tell us a little bit about your role on the team?

Michael: My role is very fluid, but my title is Head of Retail Strategy. I recently joined Lime Fintech to lead a small team dedicated to building new product prototypes for market testing.

Interviewer: Very interesting! What inspired you to join the fintech industry?

Michael: After four years of undergrad and dozens of interviews, I had two choices: selling ball bearings in Wisconsin or Wall Street/Fintech. It wasn't a tough choice, and I ended up loving it!

Interviewer: What is your favorite thing about working in fintech?

Michael: While trends in fintech change year to year, the simple theme of leveraging technology to help investors is constant and surprisingly still needed even in the age of exploring Mars!

Interviewer: What do you think are the biggest challenges facing the fintech industry today?

Michael: There is too much data and not enough decision-making tools. Governmental regulations are responsible for some of this, but in general, too many fintech apps require users to take action based on copious amounts of complex data with little decision support. In my opinion, this is why fintech has pivoted to insurance and payments, where there is an advantage in offering "how to purchase it" rather than uncertainty about what to do.

Interviewer: Thanks for your insights, Michael!