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Make Your Mark in Trading with a Little Help from the Pros

What’s the Deal with Copy Trading?
It’s like having a trading mentor, but instead
of just advice, you get to clone their trades.
Limex Copy matches you up with traders with years of experience, so you can make their savvy trades, yours.
Choose your mix
Decide how much of your portfolio is assigned to trade with the pros via Limex Copy
Stay in the loop
Your investments keep up with your chosen strategist so you don't miss out on market action
Auto-pilot your trades
Your account is traded when they make a trade, automatically
3 Steps to Trade like the Pros
Find your trading twin
Choose a pro whose strategy fits your trading goals & risk appetite
Sit back & watch
Watch your portfolio evolve while the strategist trades
Get connected
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Limex Copy fits in seamlessly

Pressed for time?
Let the experts do the legwork so you don’t have to
Looking for a change?
Spice up your trades with new, dynamic strategies
New kid on the block?
Watch and learn as your investments follow pro strategies

Why Limex Copy?

Donation-based system
We're here to support your success. No fees, just goodwill. If you love our platform, show us with a donation
No strings attached
Trade your way, on your schedule with minimal required effort
Experience expert trading without all the homework

Got questions?
We've got answers!

Limex Copy FAQ
Your curiosity is awesome, and we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help satisfy it.

Dive into the details of how Limex Copy works, understand the ins and outs of copy trading, and get all the info you need to trade with confidence.
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